Basic Fruit Smoothie

2015-07-09 09.36.12RECIPE #14, DAY #11


TIMING: Five minutes?

DIFFICULTY: Easy, but you need a few tips to pull it off

TOOLS: A good blender

COOK TYPE: Blender only

2015-07-09 09.36.35HEALTH: Generally, good. But this depends largely on you. There are about a zillion things you can add to a smoothie to increase the health. Theses include nut butter, wheat germ, bee pollen, vitamin C powder, kelp powder, ground flax seed, chia seed, wheatgrass juice, beet juice, even oats, etc. etc. Also, there are more nutrient-dense fruits and juices you might want to include, like any of the berries (including cranberries and acai), pomegranate, etc. It’s optimal to add a protein of some sort for staying power. I add a hefty serving spoon of plain yogurt into most of our smoothies.

EXPERIENCE: We’ve whipped up smoothies for breakfast about a thousand times. And while there are times when we make a specific smoothie (like my super awesome PB&J Smoothie or Cheesecake Smoothie), we certainly “wing it” from this basic recipe more often than not. It is fast, easy, and the whole family enjoys a smoothie. Also, I can keep the fruit in the freezer so–if we have almost any juice or milk–we are good to go.

NOTE: We keep frozen bananas in the freezer at all times. I recommend you do the same. Just buy an extra bunch of bananas and when you get home from the grocery store, peel them and break them into thirds, placing the pieces in a freezer zip bag. That’s it. When a smoothie recipe calls for a banana, throw in 3 pieces.

Also, making smoothies requires at least a fair blender. My test is whether or not it can turn ice into snow.


  1. Place 2 frozen bananas in the bottom of your blender.
  2. Add a couple cups frozen fruit. Your basic smoothie would have strawberries or mixed berries, but your options are almost endless. DO NOT FILL TO THE TOP WITH FRUIT. Go no more than 3/4s to the top of the blender.
  3. Add juice or milk (or a combination) until at least half-way up the fruit. Basic juice would be orange, and basic milk would be cows’, but almond, rice, or coconut would also work, as well as whatever juice you fancy, including mixtures.
  4. Add any add-in you want to include (discussed above).
  5. Close the blender and blend on high. It is likely the mixture will seize. The first thing to try is to TURN OFF THE BLENDER and unstick frozen fruit from wedging above the blade with a long-handled utensil. The second thing to do is add more liquid (and you will most certainly have to do this at least once), which you can do by removing the little cap on the lid and pouring while continuing to blend. WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR is for the smoothie to start turning over on itself, like a whirlpool of fruity goodness.


Serve immediately (and then make sure to rinse the cup equally as quickly).


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