Camping Dinner

2015-09-18 17.11.24RECIPE #72, DAY #83

ORIGINAL RECIPE: This probably doesn’t even count as a recipe

TIMING: It takes no time at all, literally


TOOLS: A paring knife and some soup bowls in your mess kit

COOK TYPE: None, which is the point

HEALTH: I don’t condone eating processed foods, but this will be one of our few exceptions. You have double-protein (for all that hiking), grain, and even veggies, just not in their most pristine forms. You’ll make up for it in the waves.

EXPERIENCE: This is my third and final post for our camping trip out to the fire-free, hike-in state park. Out of all the heat-free, no refrigeration meals that we have come up with over the years (for hiking-in camping), this is one that sticks with us, even if it doesn’t count as a recipe. (Go ahead, start figuring out what you can’t take on such a trip and you’ll also have to consider the durability and weight of all the items. Almost everything is eliminated.) Therefore, it’s going on the blog/in the database.

NOTES: Just so’s you know, this meal is also great to take along camping even if you can cook or even if you are in an RV. When it’s raining or when you just fell into the RV after a day out, this meal is something you can whip up in your shelter or just throw on the table (and it leaves you plenty of time to consider if camping in an RV can really be called camping at all…)

And no, it doesn’t feel the same as a warm, “normal” dinner. But for camping, it’ll do, especially since you’ll be super hungry and, hopefully, really satisfied in other ways.

Just a few suggestions for other things to substitute in your “camping meal”:

  • Canned corn
  • Picked beets
  • Cucumber pickles
  • Marinated artichokes
  • Canned spaghetti-os, if that’s what floats your boat


  1. On your picnic table, place 1 small log summer sausage, 1 package crackers, 1 box tomato soup, and optional 1 can baked beans. Open and serve, at room temperature.



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