No-Heat Quesadillas

2015-09-19 17.22.53RECIPE #70, DAY #82

ORIGINAL RECIPE: None. It’s just something that I came up with and it barely counts as a recipe

TIMING: 5 minutes


TOOLS: Just about nothing, which is why this recipe exists


HEALTH: If you only camp without heat or cooling once or twice a year, you’re going to be able to count this recipe as a healthy one. However, I would not recommend that you eat Easy Cheese any other time of year.

EXPERIENCE: We take an annual camping trip out to a State Park on the Outer Banks, where we have to hike in (without a cooler) and are not permitted to use fire (due to turtle spawning on the coast). So I have been forced to become creative with a few days of meals for four people, and I can tell you that there are NOT a lot of ideas online for heat- and refrigeration-free meals.

In the end, this has been our favorite recipe. We usually have these for dinner (while running from the dusk attack of the sand fleas) with a boxed soup and possibly some canned corn.

NOTES: Really, they make a great inclusion for any camping trip, since it’s always possible you’ll run out of ice and end up in the rain. But, as stated above, don’t overdue your use of Easy Cheese. It’s not overwhelming on the ingredient list, it’s just not really good for you.

Please use premium re-fried beans with a non-BPA can and also low-ingredient (preferably whole grain) tortillas. Only pack as much as you will eat. And make sure you eat the tortillas early, before they go stale or moldy.

Also remember that everything tastes better when you’re camping.


  1. Open your pack of (4-8) tortillas. Set one on your napkin, mess kit plate, or lap. Spread with your allotment of a can of re-fried beans on one half of the tortilla. Spray on some cheddar Easy Cheese. Close and eat.


Serve with a box of soup, or just a piece of fruit (or dried fruit) and some popcorn or pretzels.


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