No-Heat S’mores

2015-10-17 14.33.42RECIPE #71, DAY #82


TIMING: 5 minutes


TOOLS: Something to spread ‘mallow creme

COOK TYPE: And nope

HEALTH: Once again, I have to tell you that most desserts do not count as health food. I do buy pretty great graham crackers and also some sort of high-end Nutella, but as far as I can find there is no other Jet Puffed but Jet Puffed. It’s not great for you, at all, but it is a nice substitute for toasted marshmallows when you don’t have a fire, as well as a key ingredient in fruit dip. I have to apologize. And if you figure out how to make marshmallow creme that works in those applications, do let me know.

EXPERIENCE: This is the second recipe in a three-recipe run for things that you can eat when you camp without refrigeration or heat. When we went on our first annual camping trip of the sort–where we hiked in and were banned from fire–my sweet-tooth kids and husband balked at the idea of not having s’mores.

So I made this up for them.

NOTES: My only note is that this hardly counts as a recipe. But if you are rained out while camping, you’ll appreciate the suggestion.


  1. Break your graham cracker into 2 s’more-sized pieces. Spread 1 piece with Jet Puffed marshmallow creme and the other piece with Nutella or other chocolate spread (like Trader Joe’s almond chocolate spread). Squish together and eat under the stars.


Serve with family or friends and a handful of mosquitoes.

*Recipe changed from the original.


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