IMG_5910RECIPE #96, DAY #125

ORIGINAL RECIPE: “Butterbeer” from Fox News, in celebration of the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando*

TIMING: 15 minutes, broken up into 10 and 5

DIFFICULTY: Pretty easy, but experience with candy-making wouldn’t hurt

TOOLS: A heavy-bottomed sauce pan and a mixer with whisk attachment, as well as other normal things

COOK TYPE: Stovetop

2015-10-31 17.57.07HEALTH: Nope. Not even. It’s just sugar and more sugar. It’s only to be enjoyed once or twice a year.

EXPERIENCE: We are Harry Potter fans. We are also Halloween fans. The fall always makes us think Harry Potter, and so Halloween is a perfect time to watch the movies, read the books, and make the food. Yes, I do own a Harry Potter (unofficial) cookbook, but it does not have a recipe for butterbeer. No, for that I had to turn to the internet and snag the recipe that they use at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

We have been making this for trick-or-treating fuel for the past few years. If you love beverages with enough sugar to send you into a coma, this is very delicious. But even the die-hard sugar addicts have to take it in smallish doses.

2015-10-31 17.57.30NOTES: I would really like to experiment with making this with a more natural/classic butterscotch sauce rather than relying on the rum extract.

Be very careful with hot sugar. When you add the butter and cream, it will bubble up alarmingly.

Sometimes we use less butterscotch in the mugs, and use it later to top ice cream.


  1. In a small, heavy-bottomed sauce pan, combine 1 cup brown sugar and 2 tablespoons water. Stir with a wooden spoon over medium heat, until mixture boils and a candy thermometer reads 240F. Immediately, stir in 6 tablespoons butter, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoons cider vinegar, and 1/4 cup cream. Remove from heat.
  2. When cool, stir in 1/2 teaspoon rum extract. Store in a closed container in the fridge until you are ready to use.
  3. In a clean, cool mixing bowl, pour 1/2 cup cream and whisk on high until soft peaks form. Add 2 tablespoons butterscotch mixture and give it another whir.
  4. When you are ready for drinks, pour 1/4 cup butterscotch into each of 4 glasses, top with 4 bottles of cold cream soda and stir to dissolve and form a foam, then top with whipped cream.


Serve with a great big bowl of chili, a savory pie, or some sort of giant, warm sandwich shared right before traipsing outdoors to trick or treat.

*Recipe changed from the original.



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