Nail Polish Candies

IMG_7569RECIPE #149, DAY #125

ORIGINAL RECIPE: Taken from a combination of several posts on Pinterest*

TIMING: 10 minutes, at least if you have help

DIFFICULTY: So easy even an 8-year-old boy can do it

TOOLS: Large zipper top bags, toothpicks, a sheet pan


HEALTH: It’s best if we say very little about this. It’s really just the kind of thing you make for a themed party to get people ooh-ing and ahh-ing and reaching for their Pinterest app.

EXPERIENCE: I lurve planning parties. My children are blessed with a mother who gets manic as their birthdays approach. They get custom-made decorations, music compilations, hours of thematic games, over-the-top cakes, and a groaning-board table of very carefully and creatively planned food. My daughter decided this year on a fashion-themed (pink and black) sleepover. I had a great time managing pizzas, movie snacks (popcorn, pretzels, etc.), a day of beverages (punch, bottled waters for the theme), and breakfast (french toast, whipped cream, berry syrup, and chocolate chips), as well as a stocked table upon arrival. The stocked table was chock full of finger foods to keep the girls going all night and into the next day.

The most popular thing on the table? The edible nail polish. I can’t say they tasted very special, but everyone had to have at least one because they just looked so cute. And sugarholics? They had more than one.

And we had been very pleasantly surprised the night before when we made their creation a family affair and they turned out to be the most straightforward, fool-proof, easy thing to do on Pinterest, ever. We were done and happy with our results in mere minutes.

NOTES: The darker edible glitter will result in mouths and tongues dyed crazy shades. After the first girl ate her black nail polish, none of the other girls would eat them. The boys who got the leftovers, however, liked them all the more.

This is a great project in which to involve the kids.

You can make as many or as few of these as desired. Just make sure you have enough Tootsie Rolls, marshmallows, toothpicks, and colored sugar.


  1. Pour 3 tablespoons colored sugar (or edible glitter) into a large zipper top bag. Use 1 zipper bag per color or “nail polish” desired. Add more sugar later, as needed.
  2. Fill a shallow bowl with room temperature water. Set out a sheet pan. Set out 1 pack Tootsie Rolls, toothpicks, and 1 package jumbo marshmallows.
  3. For each treat, break a toothpick in half and stab the pointy end into a Tootsie Roll the long way, leaving the stick half-exposed. Then, wet all sides of a jumbo marshmallow, quickly. Drop the marshmallow into a bag of sugar and shake. Pull out the marshmallow and stab the skewered toothpick into the top. Set the “nail polish” on a sheet pan. Repeat until all treats are done.


Serve as a fun treat for a spa day or themed birthday party.

*Recipe changed from the original.


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