Soft Boiled Eggs

2015-11-30 12.14.29RECIPE #132, DAY #155

ORIGINAL RECIPE: Just used some internet research to refresh my forgotten knowledge of soft-boiled eggs

TIMING: 10 minutes

DIFFICULTY: Um… it should be easy, but egg boiling can be a finicky process and have unreliable results

TOOLS: A small sauce pan, although an egg cup and a soft-boiled egg cutter would be nice

COOK TYPE: Stovetop, boiling

HEALTH: What can be said about the health of eating an egg can be applied here. There is no frying or added fat, so that’s good.

If you are concerned about eating under-cooked yolks, then you should probably stick with hard boiled eggs, but you would be missing out. I make sure to buy quality eggs from humanely-treated chickens, which decreases the chances of food-borne illnesses.

EXPERIENCE: I was shocked when my husband–who had broken his arm in 2 places, sprained his thumb, and badly skinned his palms–said from his prone position on the couch that he would love a soft-boiled egg. I was pleased, because soft-boiled eggs were something I used to make for myself in high school. I was shocked because Kevin has a few food avoidances, and runny egg yolk is definitely one of them. But he insisted: his mother used to make soft-boiled eggs for him, which she smashed onto toast, and that is what he wanted.

I said, “Cool,” but then quickly realized it had been so long since I made a soft-boiled egg I had no idea how to time the thing. It seemed to me I remembered the phrase, “six-minute egg.” So what did I do? Turned to Google, of course. Turns out, I was mostly right about the 6 minutes.

In the end, my poor husband was grossed-out by the runny egg, but enviously eyed the gel-like version I made for my son. In future, I think he will love a gel-like version smashed on toast while I stick to the runny version propped up prettily and simply in an egg cup.

NOTES: Directions for both a runny yolk and a gel-like yolk are included below.


  1. Fill a small sauce pan half-way with water. Set over medium heat and bring to a simmer.
  2. Gently place eggs in the water. Monitor to sustain a gentle simmer.
  3. Cook for 6 minutes for a nice, runny yolk. Cook for 7-8 minutes for a gelled yolk.
  4. Remove from water, place in an egg cup, and snap off top with a hard-boiled egg de-topper or a pairing knife. Salt and pepper. Carefully scoop out if desired, or eat right out of the shell.


Serve with buttered toast and just about any other breakfast thing, like hash or an English muffin with ham.


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  1. thehomemakerslife says:

    One of my go-to breakfast treats!:)


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