Turkey and Brie Sandwich

2016-02-01 11.46.34RECIPE #188, DAY #220

ORIGINAL RECIPE: “Turkey, Apple, and Brie Sandwich,” from 400 Best Sandwich Recipes*

TIMING: 5-10 minutes


TOOLS: Nothing special, just something to cut brie and spread some mustard


HEALTH: When it comes to the harried, pit-fall rimmed American lunchtime, you are going to do just fine with a turkey sandwich, at least this one. For one, there is no mayo on it (and mayo is one of my most visited lunchtime pitfalls). Just make sure that you get a natural, quality bread and a no-added-nitrate and -nitrite lunchmeat, preferably conscientiously raised.

2016-02-01 11.46.50EXPERIENCE: My husband loves turkey sandwiches. But as much as I love sandwiches of all sorts, I have really been wanting to stumble upon some killer combinations, lately; not just any sandwich. So when planning lunches this week, I turned to 400 Best Sandwich Recipes. (I don’t actually think this cookbook is very good, but it does give me a jumping-off point.)

We liked, but not loved, this sandwich. We would have them again, but would probably try some other turkey combinations, first.

NOTES: A variation which we enjoyed was to add jellied cranberry as a spread on the second slice of bread.


  1. Place 8 slices crusty peasant bread on your work surface. Spread Dijon mustard on half of the slices. To those 4 slices, layer 8 ounces sliced turkey, a sprinkling of ground black pepper, 6 ounces thin-sliced brie, and 1 thin-sliced Granny Smith apple. Top with the other slices of bread.

Serve with pretzels and a piece of fruit in the ol’ lunchbox.

*Recipe changed from the original.


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