Ham and Mozzarella Sandwich

2016-03-07 13.33.47RECIPE #208, DAY #255

ORIGINAL RECIPE: None, just the ingredients that my son and I snagged at Trader Joe’s*

TIMING: 5 minutes


TOOLS: Nothing special at all


HEALTH: Sandwiches can be a great alternative to cafeteria food and cheap restaurants for work or school lunchtime. Especially if you stick with whole grains, nitrate-free meat, and added vegetables.

EXPERIENCE: We had just returned from a grocery run, concentrating on prepared foods (which we hardly ever do) because we are staging our house next week and are still renovating. Aah! Eamon had talked me into fresh mozzarella (which, despite the price, is so great) and I had taken advantage of Trader Joe’s newish, no-added-nitrate meat. After I threw the groceries in the cupboard, we slammed these sammies together. Yum.

NOTES: The more components of this you have, the better. You could use other bread, like some sort of European flat bread or even a pita or lavash.

A tapenade would work instead of a red bell pepper spread.

Optionally, you can add slices of roasted red bell pepper and, for heat, pepperoncini or cherry peppers.


  1.  Lay out the bottoms and tops of four sandwich flats. Spread the top pieces with mayonnaise and the bottom halves with a red bell pepper spread.
  2. Evenly distribute among the sandwiches: 8 ounces sliced ham (or Italian cured pork of some sort), slices of fresh mozzarella, 4 large slices of supreme tomato (sprinkled with salt and pepper), and leaves of basil. Wrap tight if you’re not eating right away.

Serve in your lunch box with a pasta salad, olives, and grapes.

*Recipe changed from the original.


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