Fruity Breakfast Parfait

2016-04-18 07.40.56RECIPE #232, DAY #301


ORIGINAL RECIPE: “Mixed Fruit with Greek Yogurt & Brown Sugar” from Dimbleby’s and Vincent’s LEON: Naturally Fast Food*

TIMING: 10 minutes


TOOLS: Nothing special, just a knife and cutting board


HEALTH: I am very leery of the sheer amount of brown sugar that goes on to this. In their defense, the authors intended this as a dessert. But it seemed like such a quick, easy, and kid-pleasing thing to make for breakfast. So I did. And it was quick, easy, and kid-pleasing, and also much better for them than cereal.

2016-04-18 07.40.43EXPERIENCE: As stated above, this turned out just how I imagined it: easy, quick, and liked by all. I could do with less brown sugar on mine, but I’m pretty sure that the melty brown sugar is what made it appealing to the kids. And the pretty fruit.

NOTES: It is best to leave the brown sugar on the top and then dole the cups out to your family. This way, some of the brown sugar melts into the yogurt and some of the bits stay firmer, like sticky candy, almost. But if you have a kid who won’t eat past the brown sugar, then stir it in.

I would stick with these fruits: peaches (and other stone fruit), berries, cherries, pineapple, mango, passion fruit, banana.


  1. Prepare and dice about 2-3 cups of fruit. (See options above.)
  2. In four small cups, divide the fruit. Top with 2 cups Greek yogurt, divided, then top with 4 tablespoons brown sugar, divided. Serve.


Serve for a speedy breakfast on a weekday morning.

*Recipe has been changed from the original.


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