Strawberry Slushie

2016-05-18 18.01.18RECIPE #243, DAY #332


ORIGINAL RECIPE:“Strawberry Slushie” from Jamie Oliver’s Meals in Minutes*

TIMING: 5 minutes


TOOLS: A good blender


HEALTH: It depends entirely on how much sugar you add. If you add very little, or even none at all, this would be a perfect, healthy dessert (or snack).

EXPERIENCE: I have to admit that while I loved this slushie, it did not really belong tagged on to a baked chicken breast, potatoes, and creamed spinach. The meal–with the chicken and potatoes–was a page out of winter or perhaps a chilly spring or fall, while the drink was straight from the dog-days of summer. Or maybe just the lovely on-rush of berries in the late spring. Yes, even if they were frozen, this drink dessert just tastes like summer.

NOTES: You can make this more as a drink, or more like a slurpie. For frozen drink style, omit most or all of the water and blend the ice cubes with the strawberries.


  1. In a blender, combine 1 pound frozen or fresh strawberries, 3 mint leaves, the juice of 1/2 lemon, and water to cover. Go until smooth. Taste for sugar.
  2. Fill a pitcher with ice. Pour the strawberry drink in and stir. Serve right away.


Serve to make a sultry summer afternoon feel special, or at a party with drink umbrellas.

*Recipe has been changed from the original.


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