Banana Candy Bar GORP

RECIPE #253, DAY #365


ORIGINAL RECIPE: GORP idea research on the internet*

TIMING: 5 minutes


TOOLS: Nothing. A Ziplock bag or sealable container


2016-07-15 11.22.41

HEALTH: GORP is a specific food. It’s meant for hiking or other outdoor sports, when the body needs a burst of carb energy followed by a slow release of protein energy. In that situation, things like chocolate or peanut butter chips become a sort of health food. Of course, you would always do well to avoid refined sugar, but you’re also going to deal with most of the sugars while climbing that mountain.

GORPs can also be a great idea to keep in your desk drawer or purse for a small, quick, afternoon pick-me-up. Emphasize the nuts and fruits over the other sugars.

EXPERIENCE: I do love a traditional Good-Ol-Rainsins-and-Peanuts. However, my kids complain about the peanuts part. So I did some research on GORP ideas, hoping to either avoid the nuts or at least sneak them in here or there. My kids must like some nuts, right? (No. No they don’t.) This was the first one on the list the kids chose to experiment with.

So, off to Summer 2016 Camp #2.

It did taste like eating a candy bar, which was a plus. The minuses: I don’t like banana chips, and the peanut butter taste was completely lost in the mix. We would do this again, but not before we try the other 20-30 recipes I jotted down.

NOTES: GORP–despite that it’s meant for hiking–melts easily. (This is why the original sticks with M&Ms.) In the summertime, keep the GORP in your iced cooler and take out individual portions before you set out on your hike.

I like to use raw nuts, for health reasons. Roasted and salted, however, makes for a more complex and interesting mix.


  1. In a container that seals, mix equal parts peanut butter chips, chocolate chips, banana chips, almonds, and peanuts.

Serve mid-trail with a bottle of water.

*Recipe has been changed from the original.


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