Blueberry Muffin GORP

RECIPE #258, DAY #393


ORIGINAL RECIPE: Internet research on GORP*

TIMING: 5 minutes


TOOLS: Nothing special. It barely counts as a recipe.


2016-07-18 14.38.30HEALTH: I don’t really condone eating cereal. But I eat it rather frequently because it is so convenient and so tasty and so comforting in its way. I don’t condone it because, in general, the lovely grains and processed and extruded to within an inch of their lives. But grabbing a tasty little snack for a long hike is to be condoned, and one with some sugar and some fruit is a good idea. However, this mix is totally missing protein, so I would recommend adding some slivered or sliced almonds.

2016-07-18 14.38.40EXPERIENCE: I believe that this will be the last GORP recipe this summer. We have been living in someone else’s house, cooking out of someone else’s kitchen, so I know I haven’t had too many new recipes to share, but we have been on four camping trips, so.

This was my least favorite of the GORPs we made, and as noted above, it also lacked protein. In fact, I think I’ll just sneak the almonds into the recipe below to round it out.

I also think that all good blueberry muffins need a hint of lemon. Perhaps a little candied lemon peel? Somehow, I don’t think that would work real well here. Maybe.

NOTES: Yogurt chips are very difficult to find. VERY. I will be tempted, in the future, to try after a quick BBB search, because yogurt chips can not be found on the ground anywhere around here.

Also, I was not sure if I should go with freeze-dried blueberries or the kind more like raisins (both of which are sorta expensive) so I tried both. I think the freeze-dried ones were better, but really either would have worked. No reason for both.

You could experiment with different cereals. Like maybe a vanilla granola? Something else might taste more like muffin.

Eat this GORP pretty much right away, as the cereal with soften with exposure to the blueberries and yogurt chips. Also, yogurt chips melt when it’s hot.


  1. In a zipper-top bag or air-tight container, mix equal parts oat-o’s cereal, dried blueberries, yogurt chips, and slivered or sliced almonds.

Serve on the trail with a water bottle.

*Recipe has been changed from the original.


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