Movie Boxes

dsc_1503RECIPE #326, DAY #517


ORIGINAL RECIPE: Got the idea from various people on Pinterest*

TIMING: 15 minutes, at most

DIFFICULTY: Easy, depending on your means of making popcorn

TOOLS: A popcorn popper of some sort (electric, stovetop, etc.)

COOK TYPE: Popcorn popper

HEALTH: Homemade popcorn is actually a pretty decent snack. However, little bags of candy and soda are not. You could substitute sparkling juice for the soda and a natural/organic candy or even dark-chocolate covered raisins and nuts for the traditional candy. Then you’d actually be doing pretty great.

EXPERIENCE: My daughter saw these on Pinterest and requested them for the movie portion of her Disney birthday sleepover. Once I figured out what to do for the boxes and beverage containers, they were a snap to put together.

I will definitely be doing these again, especially for a movie in a park or family movie night. If only I was allowed to take them into the movie theater…

NOTES: These say “Drink Me” because of the Disney theme. You should just leave those off, unless you too would like to reference Alice in Wonderland.

I found treat boxes at ACMoore that had dividers for 4 treats. I discarded 2 of the treat dividers per each box, then turned one of them upside down to better support the drink. I also cut the lids off. As for drinks, you can use cute little milk bottles with straws, but you could also use a store-bought juice box or soda can/bottle.


  1. Make popcorn according to popper directions. Toss with melted unsalted butter and salt to taste.
  2. Place popcorn in the largest area of your treat box. Place candy or chocolate covered raisins and nuts in the small divider, and a small cup or bottle of soda in the upside-down final divider. Carry on a tray to avoid spilling.


Serve with napkins and a movie.

*Recipe changed from the original.


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