Mango Lassi

dsc_1630RECIPE #380, DAY #544


ORIGINAL RECIPE: I can’t recall where I first found this, but I love to whip it up*

TIMING: 5 minutes


TOOLS: A blender


HEALTH: You win with this one, especially if you use a natural, real buttermilk (which I insist that you do). There is sugar, but it comes from a (preferably local) honey.
dsc_1629EXPERIENCE: I don’t like yogurt to be too tart in a lassi, which I know is not really refined of me. When I first tried this buttermilk lassi (consisting of 3 ingredients I did not appreciate at the time), it was an gastronomic epiphany. While super simple, if you use great ingredients, this lassi is wonderful and refreshing.

dsc_1627NOTES: You have to taste and adjust to get this right. Really, you should do this with every thing you ever make.


  1. In a blender, place 1 pound frozen mango, 1/4 cup honey, and 2 cups real buttermilk. Blend, adding more buttermilk to get a loose, beverage texture. Taste for honey and serve.


Serve with spicy Indian food. Or with a hot summer day.

LEFTOVER IDEAS: This should be slurped up right away, but it will keep alright in the fridge for a few days.

*Recipe changed from the original.


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