Broccoli with Mustard Butter Sauce

dsc_0155RECIPE #403, DAY #573


ORIGINAL RECIPE: “Broccoli with Mustard Butter and Capers,” from Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone*

TIMING: 15 minutes


TOOLS: Steamer, small bowl, and a whisk

COOK TYPE: Stovetop or steamer

HEALTH: More green veggies! And steamed at that! Dripping with butter sauce! Okay, so you had me to the end. But the butter sauce is clearly what always makes this a crowd favorite.dsc_0160

EXPERIENCE: This was one of the first recipes I tried from the book that gave me a cook’s education: Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. It has become a favorite for guests, especially for my mom, who also makes this at her house.

NOTES: When you are steaming green vegetables, you want them just to get to bright green and no further. The broccoli in this photo went just a touch too long when I turned my back on it.


  1. In a small skillet, melt 6 tablespoons butter over medium heat. Add 1 minced shallot and 1 pressed clove garlic and stir for 1 minute. Whisk in 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard, 2 tablespoons minced parsley and salt and pepper. Remove from heat.
  2. Steam 1 1/2 pounds broccoli florets until bright green and crisp-tender.
  3. Place the broccoli in a serving bowl and drizzle with the mustard butter. Add 2 tablespoons capers, 1 tablespoon chopped parsley, and a squirt of lemon juice. Toss gently and taste for salt and pepper.


Serve with just about any entree and grain or potato. This would be nice with chicken, a baked potato, and a crisp, fruity white wine.

LEFTOVER IDEAS: If you have any leftover, they can be gently reheated and eaten within a couple days. Otherwise, they could make a puree with a little cream, which would sit nicely swooshed under a chicken breast.

*Recipe changed from the original.


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