BLT Sandwiches

DSC_0654RECIPE #490, DAY #674


ORIGINAL RECIPE: Who needs a recipe for this wonder of Western civilization? *

TIMING: Just as long as it takes to cook the bacon, really

DIFFICULTY: Easy, if you can cook bacon

TOOLS: Something to cook the bacon, toaster

COOK TYPE: Oven or stovetop

HEALTH: Not so much. As popular as this has been over the years, it’s not going to win any health awards. Sure, you winkle some lettuce into your diet, as well as some superb, fresh tomatoes, but otherwise we’re just talking white bread and bacon. Of course, you could make things a lot healthier depending on what you pair with it. A veggie soup? A kale salad? I dunno.

DSC_0652EXPERIENCE: I was raised on an almost-weekly BLT. It was one of those super-easy “dinners” which my mom defaulted to on a late, relaxed evening. And what self-respecting housewife in the 80s didn’t have some bacon, Wonderbread, a beefsteak tomato, and iceberg lettuce on hand? (Actually, the history of the BLT goes back way before that.)

I have to agree with the vast majority of Americans (and, so I’ve heard, Brits) who think that the BLT is one of the best things-between-bread that exist.

NOTES: Any bacon will do, but we like a thick-sliced, slightly sweet bacon, like Trader Joe’s no-nitrate bacon.

Of course, a great BLT starts with great ingredients. However, most people aren’t searching for the world’s best BLT. Just make sure those tomatoes are awesome, okay?


  1. Cook 8-12 slices bacon the way you make bacon. I roast mine on a grate over a sheet pan, in an oven that I’ve started cold and set to 400F. I just watch if for doneness.
  2. Toast 8 slices of a traditional white bread.
  3. Spread mayonnaise on all slices of toast. Layer 4 of the slices with 4-8 leaves of romaine lettuce, 8 slices tomatoes sprinkled with salt and pepper, and the bacon. Close, give a slight squish, and cut in half on the bias.


Serve with potato salad and a pickle. A root beer would make me happy, too. But most times I just eat this as a last-minute supper, maybe with some fruit and a glass of milk.

LEFTOVER IDEAS: There are no leftovers, here. Just make as many sammies as you are going to eat. (Not like bacon ever makes it to the next day, in our house.)

*Recipe changed from the original.


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